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Organising mathematical knowledge is complicated. Ideally it’d be a 2D grid of topics vs. complexity. You could have a starting sample of the different topics in mathematics, then each one gets progressively more complex. This site’s 1D table-of-contents tries to be organised like that. Mathematical learning is universal, so despite being inspired by the IB Curriculum, this site is deliberately sorted by topics and not tied to any specific grade-levels or curriculum. For any comments, suggestions, questions, bookings, copyright or other inquries etc. don’t hesitate to get in contact.

🏰 Early Years

How to set children on a good developmental path from their very beginning. Parenting advice is most useful early not after you’ve already started. One long-term goal for this site is to serve as a knowledge-bank of how to homeschool children in mathematics.

πŸ”’ Numbers & Algebra

How to count, label, and connect things. The majority of primary mathematics is counting, and arithmetic (plus some geometry). This section includes arithmetic up to proportion, solving polynomial equations, and the algebra of complex numbers (but no graphs or other types of functions, or matrices).

πŸ“‰ Functions

How to describe patterns and transformations. This section doesn’t include solving polynomial equations, but includes graphs and all other types of functions.

🧭 Geometry

Shapes, measurement, symmetry. And pretty pictures where at all possible. This section also includes vectors, (matrix) transformations, and graph theory.

πŸ€ Probability & Statistics

Data collection, prediction, handling, and analysis.

⏳ Calculus

Infinitely large and infinitely small processes.

πŸ“ Mathematical Instruments

Hands-on interactive mathematical approaches. General techniques explaining the instrument will be kept here, along with cross-links to examples of what topics they help clarify - actual topic explanations (e.g. folding a parabola) will be kept in those topics’ relevant articles.

Other Articles

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Notes on Using

Please get in contact for supporting additional accessibility needs. Formula fields support text-to-speech: click inside and press alt/βŒ₯ + ctrl + ⇑ to speak the entire formula, or alt/βŒ₯ + ctrl + ⇣ to speak just a selection.